Finance and Parish Council

Finance Council

The Finance Council is composed of parish members who are experienced in financial, business, and other related matters.  The Finance Council will assist the Pastor with decisions affecting the financial concerns of Holy Trinity Parish.  The responsibilities include:  monitoring the monthly income and expenditures, developing annual budgets, implementing measures to address unexpected developments, informing the parish community about the financial state of Holy Trinity Parish and overseeing long-range financial planning.  The Finance Council should meet at least once a quarter and occasionally with the Parish Pastoral Council to collaborate on the financial and spiritual well-being of the parish.

Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the pastor or a discernment process.  They will hold a three-year term with the option for a second term of three years.  Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.  Terms should be staggered so that one-third of the members’ terms end each year.

Canon 532

The pastor represents the parish in all juridic affairs in accord with the norm of law; he is to see to it that the goods of the parish are administered in accord with the norms of Canon 1281-1288.

Canon 537

Each parish is to have a finance council which is regulated by universal law as well as by the norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this council the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard for the prescription of Canon 532.


Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners that serves as advisers to the Pastor.   The Parish Pastoral Council is a visionary, consultative, planning and evaluative voice of the Holy Trinity Parish.  They strive to build a community of fellowship and engage in a continuous process of pastoral planning, which takes into account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, and the local community.  The Parish Pastoral Council meets every other month and on occasion with the Parish Finance Council to collaborate on the spiritual and financial well-being of the parish.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council may be appointed by the pastor or by a discernment process.  Parish Pastoral Council members may hold a two or a three year term.

Canon 536

Defines the requirements for a parish council.  Canon 536 says, “If the diocesan bishop judges it opportune after he has heard the presbyteral council, a pastoral council is to be established in each parish, over which the pastor presides and in which the Christian faithful, together with those who share in pastoral care by virtue of their office in the parish, assist in fostering pastoral activity.”