Holy Trinity Parish Mission/History

Mission Statement:  Established:  2011

We, the faithful of Holy Trinity Parish, are committed to safeguarding the spiritual well-being of our community, educational opportunities, and financial integrity in every area of parish life.  Appreciating our past, and well aware of our present potential challenges, we are determined to continue the mission of Jesus Christ in His Church in Southern Columbiana County.

Parish History:

Joining Two Communities into One Family

Rev. James Conlan of Steubenville developed the roots of a Catholic Community in both the cities of East Liverpool and Wellsville.  Rev. Conlan began working with the Catholics of East Liverpool to develop a Catholic Community in 1834.  Rev. Conlan held church services in the home of John Blakely for 11 years.  A church was completed in 1845.  Unfortunately, the church was destroyed by a fire on Palm Sunday later in the same year.  John Blakely opened his home again to the community as they persevered to build another church.  In 1874, Rev. James Cullen was appointed the first pastor of St. Aloysius Church.  The present church was completed in 1889 and dedicated on October 5, 1890.  During this time, the Catholic Community in Wellsville worked hard to build the first church of the Immaculate Conception, completing the church in 1867.  This church was an accomplishment the community looked forward to after years of celebrating Mass in the homes of Patrick Butler and Mrs. J. W. Riley.  The property for the church was donated by General J. W. Riley, Mrs. Riley’s son.  Father P. J. McGuire was appointed the first pastor of the Immaculate Conception Church.  The two Parish communities merged together in 2011 to form the Parish of Holy Trinity.