SCRIP – The fundraiser that does not feel like a fundraiser!  There are no meetings to attend, committees to form, tickets to sell, tickets to buy, or functions to attend.

SCRIP – Do you shop at Giant Eagle or Walmart for groceries?  Do you fill up your tank of Gas at Giant Eagle, Sheetz, or Speedway?  There are over 1000 gift cards to choose from! Instead of using your debit or credit card, buy your gift cards from us for these purchases.  Bonus Giant Eagle gives a return of 5% of the purchase amount of your card.  If you purchase a $100.00 card, that gives a rebate of $5.00.  We know that does not sound like a huge rebate but think about it this way:

  • One family in the program purchases $100.00 a week in Bonus Giant Eagle SCRIP cards. That would equal out to $5,200.00 in SCRIP cards purchased for the year.  $5,200.00 x 5% = $260.00 The $260.00 rebate can be given in total to the parish, or it can be split between the parish and the buyer.
  • Twenty families have now enrolled in the SCRIP program and they each purchase $100.00 a week for a year in Bonus Giant Eagle SCRIP cards. These families alone have earned a total rebate of $5,200.00! ($260.00 x 20 parishioners = $5,200.00) If the family agrees for the entire rebate to go back to the Parish, we have just made $5,200.00 profit for the SCRIP program!  Can you imagine our rebates if 30, 40, or 50 of our parishioners started participating in this program?

There are many different ways that you can purchase your scrip cards.  Purchase them at the parish office during business hours, or the first weekend every month after Mass.  If you want your scrip on the go and when you want it, here are the many different ways you can do so:

PrestoPay -> Pay for your scrip cards online with PrestoPay, the convenient payment system available on  When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via electronic debit from your checking account.  A small $0.15 convenience fee will   apply to each order.

ScripNow! -> It is the quickest way to get scrip, and it’s available from your account on With ScripNow eCards, you can purchase and print scrip from home and get shopping in minutes!

Reload-> Go green and reuse gift cards instead of throwing them away!  Use the Reload option on to add money to gift cards you’ve already purchased from our scrip program.

MyScripWallet -> The NEW mobile website from  Shop ScripNow and reload brands, pay securely with PrestoPay, manage eCards and Reloads, and redeem right from your Apple or Android device!

Please stop by or call the Parish Office at (330) 385-7131 to hear more about the SCRIP program and these new exciting features!